Nutrition & Diet Counseling

What is Nutrition & Diet Counseling?

A diet consultation helps a lot in early recovery from diseases, increase immunity, repair cells or even regenerate new cells. Thus, a consultation from a qualified Dietitian is important as the right food prescribed according to the specific condition will help a patient recover from the health condition faster. Various techniques are also suggested to the patient by the dietitian to help implement the diet prescribed.

‘Diet’ is a portion of each day’s human consumption of food. ‘Balanced Diet’ is making that portion a meal full of healthy components. Furthermore, a ‘Nutritional Diet’ demands even more. It is a balanced diet which is rich in nutrients like Protein , Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibre,Vitamins and Minerals in appropriate quantities required for development of the human body, regulating hormones and managing weight.

How does Diet Counselling help in neurological disorders?

Diet and Nutrition plays a very important role in Neurological Disorders. Only if the right kind of nutrition is provided, can the patient’s growth and development be normal. Every nutrient has its own role in neurological development and functioning. For example, a woman is expected to start taking Folic Acid rich foods along with supplements prior to conceiving as the stores of this nutrient helps in the brain development of the foetus. Similarly, specific nutrients have specific functioning in the child’s growth.

here are some Neurological conditions like Autism where Elimination Diets help by reducing their Hyperactivity and improving the Gut issues in some of the children. Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy patients are prescribed a High Protein diet for Muscle Strengthening.

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Our dieticians take into consideration the 24hour food recall recorded by the patient. They use this material to plan the diet chart. The patient’s past medical history and biochemical reports form the base for the diet chart preparation. The Dietitian also considers the patient’s religious beliefs, food preferences, chewing and swallowing abilities, and any food allergies. The diet chart plan is flexible and tailor made as per each patient’s requirements so that it can be easily followed.

Why is following the Diet Plan recommended after Stem Cell Therapy?

It is very important to follow the diet prescribed by the Dietitian not only during the illness or the recovery period, but on a regular basis in order to maintain immunity and good health. The tailor-made diet plan promotes cell growth and regeneration. It creates a conducive atmosphere of natural healing in the body.

Personalised Diets

The dietitian’s priority is to maintain the nutritional status of the patient as per the medical condition. Depending on the age of the patient, and their ability to accept food, a diet is planned based on these factors.

Example – Baby

A baby who is completely on breast milk, and has reached that age where small quantities of weaning foods can be given, the mother is advised on the various ways and options to wean the child of the breast milk.

Example – Adult

An elderly person, who has difficulty in digestion, bland and simple food is advised for easy digestion that consists of all the nutrients required.

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