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Your One Stop Solution For Patients, Professionals & Service Providers
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The Rehab World
India's First Rehabilitation Platform With Everything Under One Roof
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The Rehab World

“One stop solution for Patients, Professionals & Service Providers”

Welcome to The Rehab World, where highly trained, specialised and experienced medical professionals, therapists and coaches are available and ready to help you on a click.

Providing the highest quality of Rehabilitation Services to our Patients by our Rehab Professionals through our Platform

This platform is created for both Patients and Professionals. Patients can take guidance from the Rehab experts to improve their quality of life.  Similarly Rehabilitation Experts can register with us and provide care and expertise to Patients.

Need advice? Call us at +91 8482850122

What Can Be Treated

- Neurological Conditions -
Celebral Palsy
Intellectual Disability
Global Developmental Delay
Down's Syndrome
Vision Impairment
Muscular Dystrophy
Spinal Cord Injury
Cerebral Atrophy
Cerebellar Ataxia
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Head Injury
Motor Neuro Disease
- Orthopedic Conditions -
Back Pain
Sports Injury
Overuse Injury
Joint Aches & Pain
- Other Conditions -
Psychosomatic Stress
Supportive Cardiac Care
Pulmonary Care
Women's Health
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What We Offer

Online Home Program
Home Visit
Webinar For Experts
Online Lecture For Experts
Workshops & Camps
Buy Medical Assistive Devices


Why Choose Us

  • One stop platform for all types of rehabilitation therapies and services.
  • Comprehensive and Holistic Care by the Best Experts.
  • Focus on Patients and Professional's overall growth.
  • Combination of Rehabilitation therapies and digital technologies.
  • The only platform in India with all types of therapies all together at one time under one roof.
  • We follow a process of going from cause to effect.