The Rehab World offers various services based on your needs and requirements. Our experts are available to provide you with the best care physically as well as virtually.

The various services provided by our experts through our platform are as follows:


No matter where you are or in which time zone you are, you can always experience the best tele-consultation in Mumbai as well as tele-consultation in India and other parts of world with our qualified practitioners who are specialised in various medical fields like Physiotherapy, Psychological Counseling, Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy and many more.

Just some clicks and you can acquire the answers on your health, complications, diagnosis and much more advice. Our medical experts are qualified, trained and experienced for remote consultations. They also adhere to the ethical and professional standards of practice.  Along with the advice, necessary documentation can also be provided for references.

With The Rehab World, you can easily schedule the consultation whenever it is suitable for you, keeping aside the time zone and geographical location.


As the limitation has increased with this Pandemic. We at The Rehab World are striving hard to provide the best tele rehabilitation service in Mumbai and other Geographical locations as well. To be the best and provide quality service we have the best medical professionals working with us. They are specialised in Physiotherapy, Psychological Counseling, Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy and many more.

We want to make sure that we reach maximum patients, decrease the missed visit rate, save the cost and also guide the caregiver for the patients who require personal care and support.

Home Program

Majority of medical conditions require continuous physical exercise, stretching and attention, and being stuck in your home can be unproductive without proper guidance.

At The Rehab World, our trained medical professionals and therapists are dedicated to provide you with the proper guidance and will design the best home program in Mumbai, India and Other geographical locations after complete case study & keeping in mind the diagnosis. Do not worry if the patient or medical condition requires more care and attention we got your back as our medical professionals can guide the caregivers for making it more effective.

Home Visit

It is said better care begins at home. Being bound in your home or other limitations due to any reason is a good opportunity to start with the best home visit services in Mumbai and other geographical locations.

With the emerging restrictions in this Pandemic visiting any clinics cant be recommended. So, our talented medical professionals and therapists can visit you.

Yes, you can take the therapies at your home with personalised care. This is the best option for people who have restrictions on being at home. We know your situation and your body is unique. So your private physical therapist will help you to find the best therapy for you in your comfort zone, in your home.

Webinar for Patients & Experts

The Rehab World also arranges the Webinars for Patients & Experts which is a platform to educate Patient and Experts both which builds their interest in our medications and services. Our webinars are the best way for our patients who are not able to attend the events or who prefer to get more knowledge about the diagnosis or treatments which are personal or are a secret topic.

Online Lecture for experts

The Rehab World arranges various lectures by experts to educate the students and professionals.

Workshops & Camps

The Rehab World arranges various workshops on recent advances and medical camps for Patients in various parts of the country as well as the world. Our experts have a lot of knowledge to share and their keen interest is to improve Patients condition.